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Steenschuur - Leiden

Renovation Freemasons lodge Leiden 2018 / 2019

New building

The ‘Steenschuur’ is an old canal in the heart of Leiden. Number six is the residence of the oldest freemasons lodge of the Netherlands.

Due to the high costs a first plan for the renovation of the building was set on hold. With the support of ID a feasibility study lead to a new plan that fit into the financial frame. The kitchen and the sanitary facilities were modernized, a room for students was added and the grand lounge was refurbished.

After the tendering and preparation of the contracts the freemasons organized the realization of the work themselves.
The building was reopened by the mayor of Leiden in early July 2019.


Project management from design to the tendering and contracting fase, feasibility studys, planning, cost management, support during the realisation.