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L&R - TU Delft

Aerospace Engineering Renovation / transformation

Project management

  • Investment ca. € 2 mill.

In the faculty of Aerospace Engineering three smaller projects were realized simultaneously:

  • Renovation of a big lecture room
  • Renovation of the lobby
  • Transformation of the canteen into a lecture room and a ‘faculty corner’.

The projects had to be realized within 6 month. In this time the design of two architects had to be coordinated with all stakeholders of the TU and the works had to be delivered.

Beside esthetical aspects the functional requirements for the lecture rooms (audio/video), the faculty corner (kitchen) and the desk of the lobby were prominent.
As result the University has two state of the art lecture rooms and a canteen and lobby with an appearance that fits with the faculty of the faculty for Aerospace.


  • Project management
  • Planning of the design phase